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Foundry Laboratory Equipment

  • Thermal analysis system Thermolan® for all melting processes.
  • Online control and registration of each produced mould process data.
  • High Resolution Spectrometer (15 elements) (ARL)
  • C-S Analyzer (LECO).
  • Metallurgical Microscope with digital camera (NIKON).
  • Leica metallurgical visual analysis software.
  • Hardness Test Analyzers.
  • Tensile Strength Test Bench (HOYTOM).
  • Sand testing equipment.
  • Chemical Laboratory.

Nondestructive tests

  • NDT Resonant Acoustic Method Works Resonance control.
  • Ultrasounds measurement equipment (both automatic & manual).
  • LPI Liquid penetrate inspection.
  • Radioactivity tester.
  • X-ray tests (outsourced).
  • MPI Magnetic Particle testing (outsourced).

Destructive tests:

  • Hydraulic press.


Metrology room

  • 3D optical dimensional scanner NUB3D SIDIO XR
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo EURO
  • Artificial vision machine COGNEX system