1916 The company started up in Igualada (Barcelona) as an annexe to Talleres de D. Felipe Verdés Sabadell. The purpose of its creation was to ensure the supply of iron castings to workshops, although they also provided to other companies as well.


1951 Due to expansion, the company changed its location (currently the Masuca market) but remained in the Igualada area and continued to operate as an annexe of Talleres Verdés.

Setting up of the foundry in Odena, manual moulding and cupola of 3600kg/H.

Nov-72 Expansion of melting centre, deburring areas,moulding plants, disamatic sand preparation, scrap material area, construction of new offices, laboratory and changing rooms.

Aug-75 Installation of first automatic moulding line, DISA with manual presspour.

May-81 Hygassa furnace.

Dec-82 Installation of second automatic moulding line, DISA II

Aug-84 Presspour furnace Disamatic II.

Jul-85 Loramendi M50 core shooting machine.

Mar-88 Indasa furnace.

Dec-88 BMD Horizontal moulding line.

Sep-90 MALCUS Semi-automatic moulding machine.

Feb-91 Installation of hot air cupola, KÜTTNER.

May-92 M70-M80 shooting core machines and core drying equipment.

Oct-92 CAD 2D was implemented in the Technical department.

1993 FUNOSA launches its activity in own product design concentrating exclusively in grey and nodular castings for Civil works such as draining and grating systems for roads. The commercial subsidiary "Comercial de Fundidos para la Construcción" COFUNCO was created.

Feb-94 Maintenance oven 70Tn ASEA III.

Oct-96 Tridimensional Laboratory MITUTOYO.

Oct-96 HANSBERG horizontal moulding machine.

Nov-98 Deburring cubicles HANSBERG.

Nov-98 Certification guaranteeing quality ISO 9001:2000 BVQI.

1999 First product certification BVQI.

Feb-99 Presspour spoon Hansberg line.

Sep-99 Maintenance furnace 70Tn ASEA IV.

Dec-99 Building of new female changing rooms. Incorporation at all levels of female staff in Funosa.

Feb-00 New vertical moulding line Disamatic MK5-X.

Dec-00 Installation of Epoxy polyester coating in Hansberg line.

Oct-01 Creation of Product Engineering department and implementation of 3D Solidworks and CAE Cosmoswork programmes.

2002 Creation of Technical Certification Committee AEN/CTC-033 and product certification by AENOR N

Jan-02 Implantation of presses for deburring castings in Disamatic.

Jul-02 Certification guaranteeing quality QS 9000.

Sep-05 Environment certificate ISO 14001.

Feb-06 Certification guaranteeing quality ISO /TS 16949.

Aug-06 Installation of pouring furnace in the Hansberg line and removal of ladle.

Jun-08 Installation of automatic deburring machine MAUS 300.

Oct-08 Product certification AFNOR NF.

Aug-10 Automatic deburring area and implantation of new MAUS 600 and MAUS 1200 deburring machines and new shot blasting equipment RÖSSLER for second shot blasting.

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